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We are the Concerned Parents of Parkland (CPOP) PAC.

Read more about the CPOP PAC here and please plan to join us as we promote Parkland school board candidates that are committed to reasonable, responsible, and informed school board leadership.

The Concerned Parents of Parkland (CPOP) PAC supports:

  • Continued educational excellence in the Parkland School District

  • Policies and programs that produce students prepared to succeed in the modern world

  • Support for our excellent teachers and staff

  • Continued fiscal responsibility by the School Board

To reach these goals…

We support candidates for the School Board who will contribute to a well-run district with excellent education for ALL district students, while continuing to have the lowest tax rate in the county.

We actively oppose candidates who promote chaos via policies that are not in the best interest of ALL of today’s Parkland students and believe these candidates are trying to undermine the quality of a Parkland education.

And, we encourage you to vote in every election because your vote carries so much weight. Last cycle one local election was decided by just FIVE votes.

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Stay Informed

Our email list is our primary form of communication. We will only reach out with important information regarding the school board’s activities and the upcoming school board elections.

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Support our work

Use the QR Code here to give to the Concerned Parents of Parkland (CPOP) PAC. Your financial support allows us to reach out to voters via mail, door hangers, online ads, yard signs and in-person canvassing. It will ensure that we do all we can to preserve and promote to reasonable, responsible, and informed school board leadership.

Contact Us

Reach out to us at any time via email and be sure to sign up to stay informed.

Email us at CPoParkland@gmail.com

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In 2022, a Lehigh County race was decided by FIVE votes. Parkland School District residents must vote in EVERY election – primary and general – to ensure the election of candidates who share our goals.

Oct. 23 : Last Day to Register

Nov 7: PA Primary Election

Polls are open on election day from 7 A.M. - 8 P.M

Find Your Polling Place

Plan Your Voting Day

Find Your Voter Registration Status

Mail-In & Absentee Ballots (Applications Due Oct 31)

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